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Madeleine Capellán joined Pellerano & Herrera in 2009 as Director of Operations. She has over 20 years of professional experience in personnel management, working both in administrative and operations positions for a variety of international companies.

During her career, Madeleine has directed numerous call centers, being responsible for all operations, including supervision of staff and the establishment of policies and procedures. She also served as Customer Service Director for a Dominican telecommunications company, TRICOM, where she led the company’s operations, projections and staff activities, selected its technology and software for quality assurance and designed and implemented management policies and procedures.

Madeleine has a Law degree and a Master’s in Diplomacy and International Law. She has a degree in psychology, specializing in labor relations and management of call centers, from HDI Resource Center for Customer Service Professionals. She has participated in courses and seminars both locally and abroad related to leadership, coaching, the securities markets, customer service, productivity, high-tech crimes and senior management and training for trainers, among other subjects. Madeleine is a member of the Dominican Bar Association and is fluent in Spanish and English.