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Latest Update: June 20, 2007

Pellerano & Herrera is aware of how important it is for you to know how the information we posses about you is utilized and shared, and we appreciate your trusting that we shall use this in a careful and sensible manner.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) explains the treatment which Pellerano & Herrera gives to the information collected each time you enter the corporative website of Pellerano & Herrera, and when it will use our services offered, which may include information regarding your personal data (“Personal Data”).

If you use the information available and the services offered by Pellerano & Herrera in its corporative website, this will be a sign of your acceptance and your agreement to each and every stipulation contained in this Policy.

This Policy does not apply to the treatments given to companies which Pellerano & Herrera do not possess or control, nor to individuals which are not under the employ or direction of Pellerano & Herrera, including website operators who could have made visits before or after entering the Pellerano & Herrera corporative website.

1.The information we collect

Pellerano & Herrera, gathers information in its corporate website on its users. Such information may include Personal Data, in several areas of our website and through software, as expressed below:

1.1. Information which you make available to us

We receive and storage in our server the information you introduce into our website or any information you supply us with through any other means:

Registration Data: When you register to access certain available information and services which Pellerano & Herrera have offered, we will ask you to supply us with basic contact information. For example: name, address, telephone number, origin and electronic mail address.

Data for the request of services or consultation services: when you inquire on any available information and/or services offered through the Pellerano & Herrera website, we will gather information concerning your consultation or request.

Voluntary information: We may gather additional information in other opportunities; including, merely as a matter of documentation and not with precision, those occasions on which you express your opinion, change your contents or electronic mail preferences, answer an inquiry or communicate with the client attention service of Pellerano & Herrera.

1.2. Information gathered automatically

Every time you interact with us through the Pellerano & Herrera corporative website, we receive and storage in our server a certain type of information.

Our system needs this information in order to operate correctly. Information regarding the configuration of the computer is collected (automatically we receive and register information from your browser, including your IP address, the name of your computer, your operation system, type and version of your browser, the CPU speed and the connection velocity).

In this same manner; information is gathered on the derivation data concerning its browsing, browsing background and interaction of the Site (the URL is registered from where link was made to access our Site, its browsing background in and from our Site and any other generally accepted tracking information).

Among other information collected automatically we may find:

An index list of messages and reading of e-mails: in order to help us make our electronic messages useful and interesting and assure that we are sending answers to the requirements you have solicited, we often receive confirmation every time you receive and/or read an e-mail sent by Pellerano & Herrera.

• Program installations, file releases and access to publications: when you release publications or other files from the Pellerano & Herrera corporative website, we can register the beginning and end of each file transfer as well as any error that may be caused by the interruption of said transfer.

1.3 Other sources of Information

We may receive information about you from other sources, add this information to the information we have on your Personal Data and treat this according to the present Policy.

• Updated information of consignments and addresses: we can obtain contact information updated from third parties in order to correct our own records and to complete orders or send messages.

• Demographic Information: we can consult other demographic information sources in order to send messages and promotions regarding our services in a more personalize manner.

2.How are cookies used?

Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that a web site can storage in the hard disk of your computer. Each time you visit the Pellerano & Herrera corporative website you create a user account, discharge or require available information and/or services offered from our Site or subscribe to our news bulleting or RSS. We can introduce cookies into your personal computer.

We need enabled cookies in your Internet browser in order to identify you as a visitor or frequent user and keep the information of your session while you are inside.

Optimize certain areas in our Site.

Pellerano & Herrera may allow other companies to supply contents to our site that include and gain access to their own cookies in their computer. The use of cookies on the part of Also we utilize the cookies to track tendencies and use patterns to better understand and other enterprises is subject to their respective privacy policies.

3.How do we use the gathered information?

Pellerano & Herrera uses such information as follows:

• Supply contents, promotions of our services and personalized instructions addressed to you.

• Attend the requests you address to the client attention service.
• Request participation in quizzes regarding available information and offered services

• Propose the upgrade of contents and services offered

• Better knowledge, in anonymous and aggregate terms on how to use our Site, including web traffic and reading patterns in order to continuously improve our contents and offered services.

Further ahead you will find a description of the the Pellerano & Herrera practices regarding electronic mail communication with our users and how we update their preferences regarding such electronic mail.

4.How do we share the gathered information?

We can share your personal Data only in the followin s and persons to act in our name to send emails and offer attention to clients. Such companies or persons g conditions:

• Agents: We can employ other companie may gain access to any Personal Data necessary to perform their duties. However, such facility will not be used for any other purpose.

• Protection of the Site and other concerns: we shall reveal information of the account or other type of Personal Data if we believe that such information is necessary to comply with the law in order to cause the compliance or application of our Terms of Use or to protect the rights, assets or safety of Pellerano & Herrera, our users and third parties.

• Transfer of Personal Data to members, partners and/or affiliates of Pellerano & Herrera, national and international: Also it may be possible that the conduct of the operations of the Pellerano & Herrera corporative website presently carried out from the Dominican Republic, be transferred to members, partners and national and international affiliates of Pellerano & Herrera. In this case, the Personal Data will be ceded to this local member who would become responsible for the pertinent file and subjected to these conditions of use and the national regulation on the matter for the protection of personal data.

• Trustworthy third parties: with your consent, we may avail your Personal Data to trustworthy third parties who offer products and services that we may consider of interest in order for you to receive information or opportunities related to such products and services. You may update your preferences regarding your sharing of information. A trustworthy third party may use the provided information according to your own privacy policy.

Pellerano & Herrera reserves the right to use and reveal anonymous information, including added information derived from the personal Data in order to facilitate information to editorials, members and other parties concerned regarding the use habits or characteristics of base users in the Site and for other general commercial purposes.

5.Electronic communications to users

Pellerano & Herrera does not send unsolicited electronic mail messages. However, we do send electronic mail to our users related to our lending of the services offered by Pellerano & Herrera. Following is a description of the types of electronic messages that Pellerano & Herrera usually mail to users and the options with which they count regarding what messages they wish to receive.

• Messages necessary to complete requirements or information requests available, services offered and/or publications: Pellerano & Herrera may send electronic mail to be notified on the status of their requirement.

• Messages necessary to maintain their account in the Site: Pellerano & Herrera may send to registered new users an electronic message of welcome, as well as messages to confirm the requirements carried out in the Site, to confirm any changes in their accounts, to invite them to participate in quizzes to users and to inform them regarding important updates of available information, services offered and/or publications.

6.Safety Practices

Pellerano & Herrera uses reasonable and modern safety methods in order to protect their Personal data. Your information will be storaged in a data base behind multiple firewalls, and will gain access to authorized personnel only.


Pellerano will not consciously gather, whether on line or not, any Personal Data from persons who are under eighteen years of age.

8.Advise Notice of changes

In future, Pellerano & Herrera may modify this Privacy Policy in order to update same in respect to the information available and the services offered in the Pellerano & Herrera corporative website. The date on which the update is effected is utilized in order to keep you advised regarding any recent changes. If any changes of the Privacy Policy of Pellerano & Herrera directly affect the manner in which we share your personal information, you will be notified in our Site or through an e-mail message giving you the opportunity to have the option of not being notified of such changes. Unless you are notified to the contrary, the manner in which we gather and use your Personal Data is governed by the Privacy Policy current at the time said Personal Data is collected.

9.How may we be contacted?

If you have any question or worry regarding our Privacy Policy or the manner in which we use the information, or if you wish to exercise your access rights, rectification, cancellation or opposition, send us an electronic mail message to or use the following contact address:

Pellerano & Herrera
Ave. John f. Kennedy No.10
Santo domingo, República Dominicana
Tel. 1 (809) 541-5200 / 1 (800) 300-1691
Fax 1 (809) 567-0773

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