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Network of Angel Investors in DR

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Enlaces, the first network of Angel Investors in the Dominican Republic, will be launched in the first National Forum of Entrepreneurship, Business Incubation and Risk Investments. The event will take place on the 23rd of this month, at the Hilton Hotel. Enlaces will have as their mission to bring the offer and demand for capital associated with the development of innovative new businesses closer, capital which supports the development of entrepreneurship in the Dominican Republic.

The launching event includes a breakfast and the participation of members of the Board of Directors of such organization, members of the Network, and international speakers experts in the industry of Angel Investment, who will be developing a training activity regarding rarely spoken topics in the local economic sphere but of interest for the angel investor.

This first forum will take place in the Tecdo celebration from October 22-26, sponsored by the Parque Cibernético of Santo Domingo. Leaders of the First Meeting This first Network of Angel Investors in the Dominican Republic will be led by Marcos Troncoso, as president, and Elizabeth Lama de Weinerth, as executive vice president. In addition to Marino Ginebra, Ricardo Pellerano, among others.