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Pellerano & Herrera launches awareness campaign

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Santo Domingo. The firm Pellerano & Herrera during a cocktail announced its awareness campaign to guide the population in regards to their rights and duties as are consigned in the Constitution of the Republic and other laws, in order to contribute to the legal knowledge of the population.

Dr. Ricardo Pellerano, managing partner of the company, stated that this endeavor is part of the commitment of the firm to the people to ensure that they can understand thematic aspects of the law, the equality of opportunity of all citizens before the law, the presumption of innocence as a legal principle, human rights, among others. He stressed that as a company, Pellerano & Herrera has committed itself to change and innovation in the exercise of the law and is also concerned with social phenomena, such as, educational backwardness and little comprehension of most of the population of their rights, as well as duties to society.

Pellerano & Herrera using the themes: “The law is equal for all”, “Violence will be punished, denounce it”, “Presumption of innocence is the rule” and “Human rights are a human right”, will be sponsoring these messages through the written press and specialized magazines, as well as through radio spots throughout the nation. Ricardo Pellerano explained that the company with this campaign wishes to make a contribution to society and join in the effort made by other institutions. “Part of our motivation is that we wish this to be understood as a contribution, a speck of sand from the firm to society, and try to provide some kind of guidance to the population regarding some of their rights, since in view of the reversal of moral values in which we are immersed, these values are being, or have in the past, been trampled on. He added, the campaign is addressed to what people are, to men, women, and children. Basically, he said, what we want is to make people more aware of the equality we all have before the law, to understand that the same way we are equal regarding rights, we are also equal regarding duties.

He stated that this campaign is important because we have lived accepting inequalities, and we want people to know that we are truly and effectively equal as measured by that common yardstick which is the law. Violence, he added, is a high concern of ours, we have even worked pro bono and altruistically with some institutions which care for women and abused women. Our firm has an important component of women in its staff and this is a subject very dear to us and of great concern. “The whole issue of women and children has recently been discussed widely in the media due to grave situations that have taken place. If this is what has transpired, we can only imagine what is not seen. In view of all of this, we want in some way to raise our voice and make people aware, because children need to be protected, especially them who are the foundation of the future of the country.” Human Rights, although the Constitution is the law that rules our country, is a forgotten thing. That is another one of the issues we wish to bring attention to, the relevance of Human Rights within the Constitution. The managing partner stated that he has always been involved in everything that means change to the system. “We are committed with the evolution of the law in our country, with the change society is demanding, this is our contribution.” The lawyer stated that he recognizes that justice has changed, although, he said, it is never enough, “because good is the enemy of better, there is a lot that needs to be changed, but this is a daily process”, he underlined.

Pellerano explained that the firm for a long time has not only been involved in the practice of the law day to day, but also in the growth and development of institutions. In this regard he stated that members of the firm have been participating actively both in teaching as well as in the development of institutions related to justice and constitutional matters. He cited his father as an example, founder of the firm, Juan Manuel Pellerano, who has been involved with the schools of the judiciary and Public Prosecutor. The firm has achieved certain goals at the level of jurisprudence with regards to certain rights or figures which allow the preservation of rights such as the subject of legal protection.

“Historically, the firm Pellerano & Herrera has been preoccupied with the subject of the citizen, the people, the company and its rights, in view of the constitutional issue. We understand that even though there has been improvement regarding legislation, as far as that it is being applied in a more coherent manner; a series of things are being implemented, that is, some aspects are improving, but still most of the people, the pedestrian, does not have a clear knowledge of the rights that assist him or rights that he may eventually resort to”, he added. “We feel committed to all of that and we understand that this is a good time to make people aware of the rights that can assist them.”

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