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Association of Friends of South Africa has been formed

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SANTO DOMINGO .- Businessmen, lawyers, bankers and artists, announced yesterday the formation of the Association of Friends of South Africa, with the aim of canalizing the relations between the Dominican Republic and the later. For such purposes, a breakfast was held on Tuesday in the Pellerano & Herrera’s offices between members of the association and the director of the South African Embassy in Cuba, Thando Nyawose. Among the members of the association are Jose Antonio Caro, George Mansfrield, Roberto Herrera, Mijo Leurent, Geo Ripley, Gisela Ramirez de Perdomo, Fernando Gonzalez and Nicolas Blas Jimenez Abreu.

During the event, the members explained that the new entity is an apolitical, non-commercial organization, whose only interest is to promote closer ties between both countries. For now, the organization will be assisted by the South African embassy in Cuba, which visits frequently the Dominican Republic. Members of the association predicted that the institution will grow rapidly as the economies of the two countries are doing the same. One of the main objectives of the organization is to support any mission who desires to visit the African country and vice versa, he said. Currently the trade between the Dominican Republic and South Africa is very low and is limited to the purchase and sale of certain mining products and others who come through transnational corporations.

"Traditionally there have been South African products and services sold in the Dominican Republic, there are others with much potential such as wine and derivatives from the mining and technology that Dominicans do not know such as the (beer) Miller, whose original group is South Africa and the country represents the Cervecería Nacional Dominicana, "said the chairman of the new association. South Africa is positioned at number 22 among world economies. They highlighted that the nation is part of a new economic hub, along with India and Brazil, composed of former underdeveloped nations, and is expected to become the next world powers.

Source: Listin Diario

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