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Chambers & Partners awards Pellerano & Herrera as “Dominican Law Firm of the Year"

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Chambers & Partners, the most prestigious ranking house for law firms in the world, awarded Pellerano & Herrera as "Dominican Law Firm of the Year" at the Chambers Latin America Awards for Excellence 2009, held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Miami, Florida. Chambers & Partners, based in London, makes their selection from research conducted by 100 specialists who are dedicated full time to gather information from clients, lawyers and law firms in the markets evaluated. It is the first time that this award is given to a firm in the Dominican Republic, although earlier, in 2007, Pellerano & Herrera had been nominated for the "Best Firm of Central America and the Caribbean" award.

This award was preceded by the international recognition for "Private Equity Deal of the Year 2009 “ granted to Pellerano & Herrera by the International Financial Law Review, the world’s leading publication for in-house counsel and practitioners in the financial markets. The criteria most valued by clients and lawyers consulted for this award were Pellerano & Herrera’s leadership and prestige, technical skills, business acumen, compliance with deadlines, value for money, diversification of specialties, vanguard technological standards and world-class quality services.

Testimonials from clients and colleagues The research conducted by Chambers from 2004 to 2009 about Pellerano and Herrera, which culminated in the 2009 Award for Excellence, include the following statements and assessments from clients and colleagues on the award-winning firm:

• P & H is the largest firm in the Dominican Republic, with 50 lawyers, 7 partners, 170 employees and 58 years of experience.

• P & H has advised the largest deals of all time, in foreign investment, mergers and acquisitions in the Dominican Republic. The firm has a large number of important multinational companies in its portfolio of clients.

• P & H is regarded by its customers as a five-star firm, comparable to the great world-class firms based in New York, in terms of experience, expertise and service quality. "Customers are attracted by the ability of the firm to effectively manage complex operations with an exceptional response time." They value "its global exposure, technological knowledge, style and quality standards, equal to those of U.S. firms, and the availability of its partners 24 hours, 7days a week.”

• Diversification of P & H in all areas of the law is greatly noticeable in the practices of litigation, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, banking and finance, and foreign investment (tourism, mining and other industries.)

• As managing partner, Ricardo Pellerano is credited with having driven the firm to become market leader for law firms in the Dominican Republic. Clients highlight his "excellent responsiveness, accurate advice and empathy with clients," which makes him "an indispensable person in the market."

• Luis Rafael Pellerano, Directing partner of the Department of Foreign Investment and International Business at P & H, has been regarded as a successful developer of foreign investments into the Dominican Republic. "He has been hailed from all corners of the market for the dynamism that he pervades to business and his ability to communicate well with all parties".

• The mutual formed by Ricardo Pellerano and Luis Rafael Pellerano has been regarded as "an explosive combination of knowledge, prestige, excellence, experience and availability.

• Chambers highlights of the firm’s partners include: -Marielle Garrigó is praised by clients as an "energetic, impressive, articulate and eloquent advocate towards achieving results." -Hipolito Herrera Vassallo is seen as an "experienced litigant who deserves considerable praise"

• One of the assets of P & H consistently rated best in research carried out every year by Chambers is the founding partner of the firm, Dr. Juan Manuel Pellerano Gómez, who is considered by colleagues and clients, as reflected in such investigations, as: -"lawyer's lawyers" -"the best and most prestigious lawyer alive, in the Dominican Republic" -"world famous for his legendary skills as a litigator" -"vastly experienced" -"eminent in the market and the best name in litigation practice" -Admired for his deep knowledge in commercial law, constitutional law, banking and insurance, telecommunications and maritime industry.

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