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Pellerano & Herrera and Magna Motors aid families affected by heavy rains that hit the Dominican Republic

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In November 2016, heavy rains hit the northern part of the Dominican Republic. More than 6,000 homes and 91 locations were severely affected. Some families were evicted, others lost their homes, their belongings, and some lost their lives.

Committed to its social duty, Pellerano & Herrera helped 43 families in the Macario Sanchez community in Santiago who were affected.

As a result of the rains, many of the families in this community lost all their belongings, as river water surpassed the windows of their homes. Because most families lost their mattresses, among many other things, which they found floating as a result of the flooding rivers, Pellerano & Herrera, jointly with automotive dealership, Magna Motors, made this donation. The donation consisted of 50 full size mattresses accompanied by 1 set of sheets, 2 pillows and 1 mosquito net.

Pellerano & Herrera is committed to contribute to the development and well-being of the Dominican society. Our lawyers regularly perform pro bono work on projects aimed at improving educational standards and general welfare of our community and our country.

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