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Pellerano & Herrera launches new column on constitutional law

Published on:

Pellerano & Herrera launched a new column in local newspaper, Listin Diario, titled Constitutional Observatory of the Pellerano & Herrera Foundation (Observatorio Constitucional de la Fundación Pellerano & Herrera).

This column seeks to make doctrinal contributions and awaken the interest of the legal community and society in general on constitutional matters. This column was launched in honor of Dr. Juan Manuel Pellerano, founding partner of Pellerano & Herrera, and widely recognized constitutional law expert in the Dominican Republic.

This column will be published every Sunday on a weekly basis. This publication will be available online on and in print during the week.

The first article was published last Sunday, July 16th:

The Pellerano & Herrera Foundation was born to promote and implement projects for the development of values and capabilities in the national legal community. Its mission is to collaborate with the different sectors of the country in order to satisfy the needs in the legal arena and in legal practice, encouraging the well-being of society. In the past, the Pellerano & Herrera Foundation wrote in local newspaper, Diario Libre, on a weekly column on economic law for over 10 years.


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