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Our social responsibility

Pellerano & Herrera believes in developing the social fabric. We cannot conceive of the success of our firm without the success of the country we serve, which is why we are committed to the development of the Dominican Republic. We help to propel our country by promoting private investment, both domestic and foreign, by actively defending human rights, by respecting the environment, and by enhancing our students’ education.


Pellerano & Herrera Foundation

The Pellerano & Herrera Foundation was created over 20 years ago to promote and implement the values ​​and skills of our lawyers on others, with the goal of improving our society.

The Pellerano & Herrera Foundation is actively involved in the publication of legal books and magazines through Editora Capeldom, owned by Pellerano & Herrera, which has sponsored outstanding Dominican authors for more than 40 years. About 100 publications on legal issues have been produced as a result of this joint effort between the Foundation and Editora Capeldom.

Through the Master’s in Legal Practice, taught in-house at Pellerano & Herrera with the collaboration of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra and the Foundation, our firm provides scholarships to honorary students selected for their superior academic record.

The Foundation also is a space for collaboration, fostering and organizing volunteer programs, fundraising, and social and educational initiatives for lawyers.

Pro bono

At Pellerano & Herrera, we strongly believe in justice above all. For this reason, we spend much of our time, talent, and effort in cases whose only reward is that justice, our common welfare, and the respect for human rights prevail.

Our lawyers provide pro bono advice in cases and matters involving education, freedom of information, and the protection of local businesses, among other topics that we have chosen for their significance to society.

Historically, our firm has conducted multiple campaigns and outreach activities to improve public awareness about human rights, civil and constitutional issues, respect for personal integrity, and a culture of peace.


Pellerano & Herrera adopted a “Green Office” philosophy in 2009, when we began introducing practices to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.

As part of these efforts, we meet international standards to reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing the amount of waste and our consumption of natural resources while increasing our recycling efforts.

We also support environmental damage remediation projects and the development and use of alternative sources of energy.

Pellerano & Herrera is a member of the Legal Sector Alliance, an international network of law firms committed to working together against climate change by reducing our carbon footprint and by adopting environmentally sustainable practices not only in the law firms that are part of the network, but also in their employees’ homes and in their supplier’s facilities.

Awareness Campaigns

This is the first awareness campaign ever launched by a law firm in the Dominican Republic. This campaign addressed to the general public, has the goal of making people aware of their rights and duties as are consigned in the Constitution and other laws, in order to contribute to the legal knowledge of the population.

Press release: “Pellerano & Herrera launches awareness campaign” 

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