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Telecommunications, Media and Technology

Pellerano & Herrera has represented the leading companies in the telecommunications, media, and technology industry, including telephone, cable, and internet companies and their suppliers.

The firm’s attorneys are always up-to-date on regulations affecting the industry and very often can anticipate their impact on our clients’ undertakings.

The firm assists clients in connection with issues such as securing permits, division by zones, technology transfer agreements, patent applications, local and international mergers, and a great variety of other agreements that are typical to the telecommunications business. A large part of our practice in this area is related to advising clients with respect to project funding, securities, acquisitions, and restructurings. In addition to representing clients in large corporate transactions, the firm advises telecom operators and media in their everyday commercial contracts, regulatory issues, and relationships with consumers and users.

The firm is a pioneer in publishing the “Guide to Telecommunications,” which includes the industry’s most important regulations.